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A lot of my upbringing and background is influenced by the place my family comes from. Superficially, this location explains how I can be a Mexican and have fair skin, light hair, and blue eyes. But it has also influenced the way I behave and perceive others. Growing up, I spent many summers in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco. It is a small but influential rural town just an hour northeast of Guadalajara. Both my parents grew up there (a block away from each other) and most of my family resides there presently. San Juan de los Lagos is not an ordinary city. It has a deep rooted and complex history; a history which I myself am just now starting to uncover and see fully. To understand the city explains how many of its residents operate and view the world. It, in turn, explains how I came to be me. 

This project is an exploration of identity, family, my family’s strong ties to San Juan, and my relationship with the city.

This is an ongoing project started in 2020. The photographs seen here were taken in the Summer of 2020.