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Modus Vivendi Album Concept 

So I’m sitting a plane ride home from visiting my grandparents in Mexico and have commited the mortal sin of forgetting my wired headphones to watch an in-flight movie, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Persistent to have some sort of a soundtrack to my viewing experience, I put on 070 Shake’s Modus Vivendi. The resulting pairing was magic. A year later, inspired by that event, I decided to create an alternate album design melding the two worlds together. April 2021

Vinyl Packaging

The cover, inside gatefold, and vinyl label’s imagery are a composite of stills from 2001 and other illustrations/textures inspired by both the film and music videos for the album. The color palette from the front cover is used throughout the rest of the system. The inside gatefold features a repeating loop of the phrase “YOU HURT PEOPLE. PEOPLE GET ANGRY. PEOPLE HURT YOU. YOU GET ANGRY.”

Lyric Booklet

The lyric booklet continues the design style from the vinyl, with full bleed imagery and contrasting colors to really make the lyrics pop off the page and entice you to flip through as you enjoy your listening experience.

Typefaces in use are Novarese and Butti‘s Eurostile (used throughout the film) and a tribute font by Hector Carillo Aspano named Bowman.